Zombie Feast

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About the Artist:

Mik is a talented digital artist from Panorama City who works great under pressure.

About this design:

This design was inspired by Mik's desire to be a zombie, he decided the best way to furfiill his dreams and for that matter anyone who wants to be a zombie is to play like a Zombie in true 8-bit style.

A brief introduction about Mik: 

I have become highly proficient in Design programs, particularly in Adobe CS. I am able to work under pressure to tight deadlines. In particular, I have extensive experience and background in working at T-Shirt Design/Concept, Poster design, Web Design and Photo Editing. More more information on Mik Check out His BeHance Profile:  http://www.behance.net/mikmik2k4

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Score design: Keep comments constructive!

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