End of Time


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You could literally stare at this awesome t shirt for hours, and come no closer to deciphering its hidden depths. Philosophisers argue that it shows the dissolution of time into a black void, whilst the escaping birds represent freedom. We just think it's a great tee!

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100% cotton heavyweight t-shirt. There's no way this tee's falling apart in a hurricane- Double stitching on sleeves and bottom. This is a high quality  shirt; we've done 50 washes and counting on our tees, with no signs of wear or colour fading on the image.


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Wow I really love this design.

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    So you’ve picked out your awesome new Arctic Tee, now to get the sizing bit right, this is where this guide comes in handy, you’ll see on the right a list of sizes. Well I think you get the idea.

    Our cool T-shirts are made to Australian sizing not American, so if you normally order a medium from Threadless you might want to consider a large from Arctic Tees, but you are best to always consult the trusty chart before ordering.

    We only use 100% cotton T-shirts, which means there will be some shrinkage. This will vary depending on how you wash and care for your T-Shirts. In our tests shrinkage was between 0.5 and 2cm. For best results please follow the label and wash inside out on a cold wash and line dry inside out.

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