Meet our artists

You've seen all of our cool designs now meet the awesome people that made them.


Robniel  Robniel Manalo

Bio: Robniel is a digital artist from Batangas City in the Philippines. He has created 5 pieces of art for Arctic Tees. View his Deviant Art Profile.
Artic Tees designs: End of Time, Kissing Death, Beneath the Superior, Moving Blocks & Urban Red Riding Hood

MTri  M Tri

Bio: M Tri is a musician and graphic designer from  Yogyakarta in Indonesia, he is an extremly talnted artist, with most of his work having a slightly dark or sinister side.
Artic Tees designs:
Teppanyaki Express, 9th Life & Evil Sheep

ScriptInk Design  Script ink design

Bio: A hot new design agency out of Romania, who live and breath pop culture.

Artic Tees designs: Steampunk Cat & Storm Invader

Victoria  Victoria Pressler

Bio: Victoria is one of Arctic Tees' co-founders and a great digital graphic artist, she grew up in the North of England and is now living in Australia.

Artic Tees designs: Squirreltopia, Cat-a-strophic Day, Alien Globe Fishing, Deck HandsPost Apocalyptic Bear


I'm an artist, Can I submit my artwork to you?

You bet you can, head over to our Be An Artist page for full details.