Privacy Policy

We at Arctic Enterprises take your privacy very seriously. We will never sell or rent our customers' private information and we will only share information with third parties where it is absolutely necessary and only with your knowledge or permission, for example (but not limited to) with our bank or Paypal to accept payment or with our freight company in order to send your items to you.

We abide by all Australian laws, as such, if any law enforcement agency within Austraia requests personal information we hold about you we may be required to hand this information over without your consent or notifying you: note, we will only oblige to requests by Australian authorities and will never provide your information to foreign government agencies where we are not required to do so by Australian law.

ArcticTees and Arctic Enterprises websites uses “cookies” that assign a unique identification to your computer. Cookies are typically stored on your computer’s hard drive. Information collected is used by Arctic Enterprises Pty Ltd to evaluate our websites, obtain statistics and reports as well as to resolve any technical issues. We use google analytics to track website usage and google adword conversion tracking to keep track of sales data.

 If you send us correspondence via email, fax or post, Arctic Enterprises Pty Ltd will retain such information in the records of your account. We will also retain any correspondence we receive from third parties such as banks or Paypal. We retain these records so that we can provide excellent service as well as to improve our customer service.

Arctic Enterprises Pty Ltd and Arctic Tees does not hold credit card information on our own servers, nor do we retain this information, as soon as you click submit on the payment page this information is forwarded to our secure payment gateway and bank using the most advanced encryption technologies and SSL certificates for processing.

Although we take the strictest precautions to protect your piracy and private information using advanced encryption methods, SSL certificates and having a strict policy with our staffs handling of private information, we will not be held responsible in the event that personal information (including but not limited to your name, address or credit card details) is either leaked or obtained though methods of brute force (including but not limited to hacking attempts). In addition Arctic Enterprises will not be held responsible for any losses you may incur (whether it be finical or other) due to this information being leaked or obtained though force. Arctic Enterprises will however assist our customers in any way we can in the event that one of our customers has been affected by an event listed within this policy, such as providing IP address records or any other information we hold that could help enforcement agencies provide justice for you.


We hate spam too, so we will never send you spam. Any automatic emails you receive from us will only ever relate to an order you have placed with us or due to newsletters or product alerts you have chosen to subscribe to. We allow all customers to easily unsubscribe from all of our newsletters.