Terms and conditions of use:

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions page. It’s not the most fascinating read, but in order to bring you these awesome t shirts, we are legally required to have these, to safeguard our business and you, our customers.

1) By viewing our website and making a purchase on arctictees.com.au you agree to the terms set out by our Terms and Conditions policy (this page), our privacy policy and our Refunds and Returns policy. If you have any concerns re any of these policies and their content please send an email to sales@arctictees.com.au before making a purchase.

2) All content on ArcticTees’ website is copyright protected by Arctic Enterprises Pty Ltd. You may not use any content (including but not limited to: images, logos, text exerts & website policies) from our website without our written permission, with the exception of the purpose of promoting Arctic Tees products or our website. In this case any material or images used must link to the relevant product page and must be unaltered. So, you may share any of our cool tees on your Facebook page as much as you like, however, please don’t go making crazy adjustments to them.

3) Although we have gone to great lengths to secure our website and make sure our products are safe, you use our website and our products at your own risk. Neither Arctic Enterprises Pty Ltd nor ArcticTees will be held responsible for any losses or damages you suffer due to the use of our website or products. This includes but is not limited to financial loss, physical or physiological damage to yourself or physical and/or software related damage to your computer. We use high encryption SSL certificates (the padlock symbol in the address bar when you checkout) for your protection and peace of mind.

4) ArcticTees will only offer a refund or exchange where it is required by Australian Law, within the terms of our Refunds and Returns policy or at our staff’s discretion in certain circumstances.

5) ArcticTees has tried to correctly represent all of our products and information, however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information, and will not be held responsible in the event that there are minor variations in the product you receive compared to any images or marketing material. It is acceptable for the fabric colour to differ slightly from product photos, as well as the position and colour/tones and size of the print may vary slightly from T Shirt to T Shirt due to the printing methods used.

6) Our sizing chart should be considered as a guide only, it is acceptable for sizes to differ slightly from the figures quoted on our website.  As our T Shirts are 100% cotton they will shrink when washed or dried. How your T Shirts are washed and looked after may affect how much they shrink by (During our in house testing our shirts shrank from between 0.5cm to 3cm depending on how they were washed and looked after). You should always follow the label and wash inside out on either a cold or warm wash. For best results you should dry naturally inside out. If you do tumble dry please dry inside out and never at a temperature greater than 40 Degrees Celsius.

7) Any links to third party websites on arctictees.com.au should be entered at your own risk. Just because we have linked to these sites does not mean we endorse their content.

8) Any comments left by customers on either our website or on social media pages that we manage are not endorsed by Arctic Tees or Arctic Enterprises Pty Ltd, and as such Arctic Enterprises Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any content posted by customers. However if you find an inappropriate comment on our website or one of our social media pages please contact us immediately.

9) We want all of our customers to be happy, so if you have a concern with one of our products or something in this policy please contact us with your concerns.