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A new year, new directions.

We may just be a t-shirt company, however, we still believe that we can all make a difference, whether we’re an individual consumer, or multi-national corporation. As a small, personal business, we have always believed in the importance of ensuring that our t-shirts are sourced from manufacturers that enforce high standards. When we first started Arctic Tees, we went to Thailand, picked up a bit of the lingo, and found a small t-shirt printer that made the t-shirts as part of a family...

2017-04-15 15:25:01

The Arctic Tees’ t-shirts’ ancestory

It seems as though t-shirts are a staple part of our wardrobe. It’s hard for us to imagine waking up in the morning and not throwing on an Artic Tees’ tee and a pair of jeans. Yet, not too long ago wearing a t-shirt in public would have been the height of infamy. T-shirts with cool, graphic designs would have not been an acceptable form of outerwear; in fact, t-shirts were seen as undergarments. It was only thanks to American workers in farming and agricultural industries that the t-shirt...

2016-06-04 13:54:27

Off to the market we go

We’re extremely excited to be attending this year’s SA Dog’s Home Christmas fare, which will be held at Bonython Park from 10 am to 4 pm on 8th November 2015. Apart from t-shirts, dogs have to be one of our favourite things; in fact, a dog features on one of our t-shirts, getting his own back on a cat (sorry cats, we love you too). We will be bringing an assortment of t-shirts, and some gift cards with money off vouchers to go...

2015-11-02 08:28:01

May the 4th be with you

Happy May the 4th! As you know, we are Star Wars fans at Arctic Tees. If you need any further convincing, please see our Storm Invader t-shirt, which is a geeky combo of Storm Troopers and space invaders, inspired by our love for Star Wars and 80s video games. We will be offering customers the chance to purchase Storm Invader for half price today with the coupon code MAY4TH.

2015-05-04 12:15:59

An amazing customer

This Christmas we were lucky enough to have an amazing supporter buy ten of our t-shirts to donate to Colony 47, a charity that helps disadvantaged children and teens, as Christmas presents. We love helping out our local communities and charitable organisations where we can, and decided to match their gift and donate ten Arctic Tees’ t-shirts too. The supporter would like to remain anonymous, but we want to know how much we value her contribution. We want to wish all of our customers a...

2014-12-01 11:38:56

Five Reasons You Should Buy Kissing Death

There are many reasons we can give you to buy this t-shirt, not including its strangely poetic name. We hope the t-shirt alone will be enough to entice you to buy this one-of-a-kind design; however, if you’re umming and arr-ing, wondering if you should buy the latest Threadless design instead, here are 5 compelling reasons. 1. Zebras. What more can we say? As you can see, we’re a little obsessed with animals, and a lot of our t-shirts feature them. Zebras fascinate us more than most...

2014-07-02 08:30:56

Muse winners announced

Hello all, The Muse content is now closed, and the winners are as follows 1st prize: Sebastian Betten - Two tickets to see Muse in Brisbane on December 10th 2013 , $50 to spend on drinks, taxi or whatever you like.  Plus $50 store credit at Arctic Tees. 2nd prize: Keiran Norman- $50 to spend at Arctic Tees 3rd prize: Aimee-Leigh Jackson - $25 to spend at Arctic Tees.   Congratulations to everyone who won, we hope you enjoy your new Arctic Tees T’shirts. We really like...

2013-11-27 00:00:56

One week left for Muse comp / Get your own art printed on our Tees

Hello, Just one week left until Arctic Tees’ Muse competition finishes, so make sure you register quickly for a chance to win the awesome prize!   We have some more exciting news to announce. Arctic Tees is opening up an Artist Submission section to our website. We have been asked about the possibility of submitting designs, and so have created a page that enables artists to submit their artwork for voting and review by Arctic Tees. We’re really excited to see the designs people...

2013-11-19 14:33:49

Muse competition

Hi everyone, We have some exciting news to share with you today! Arctic Tees, along with Scene Magazine, is running an awesome competition for 3 lucky people! We are offering the top prize winner 2 muse tickets for their Brisbane gig on 10th December, as well as $50 to spend on whatever you like; drinks, food or taxi home, as well as $50 credit to spend at Arctic Tees, with free postage to boot!   To enter, you simply have to enter your email address and name, nothing else. We ask,...

2013-11-14 05:13:14

The importance of giving back

Thank you once again for supporting Arctic Tees. We’re extremely happy with all the positive feedback we’ve received, especially for such a new business. Something I witnessed today inspired me for our second blog post. Some people may not have even noticed the kind act I witnessed in a shop today, yet, it made me smile, and reflect on one of the values that we hold important at Arctic Tees. An old lady, stooped in the aisle I was walking up, not quite able to bend down to reach the...

2013-10-25 01:25:50