Five Reasons You Should Buy Kissing Death

2014-07-02 08:30:56

There are many reasons we can give you to buy this t-shirt, not including its strangely poetic name. We hope the t-shirt alone will be enough to entice you to buy this one-of-a-kind design; however, if you’re umming and arr-ing, wondering if you should buy the latest Threadless design instead, here are 5 compelling reasons.

1. Zebras. What more can we say? As you can see, we’re a little obsessed with animals, and a lot of our t-shirts feature them. Zebras fascinate us more than most animals, and whilst this could turn into a top 10 about zebras, we will curb ourselves, and only tell you that zebras are pretty awesome.

2. This t-shirt was created by Filipino artist, Robniel, who has created other niche designs for us too. His talent is incredible, and we hope to commission him for more designs in the future.

3. Metaphors. We like reading into things, and this t-shirt would give any amateur philosopher something to ponder. Is the zebra’s doppelganger the tiger? Does this t-shirt serve as a reminder that we are all staring death in the face? Whatever your take on it; if you’re ever bored, buy this t-shirt and gaze into its depths.

4. Tigers. Ok, so we went with zebras, so obviously we had to go with tigers too. Cool, stealthy, and unfortunately critically endangered. Can we remind ourselves how important it is to stand up for these beautiful cats.

5. How did a tiger and a zebra end up drinking out of the same lake together? They’re from different continents, and unlikely to ever meet in the wild. Well, that’s something else to wonder about whilst you’re wearing this awesome t-shirt.