The importance of giving back

2013-10-25 01:25:50

Thank you once again for supporting Arctic Tees. We’re extremely happy with all the positive feedback we’ve received, especially for such a new business.

Something I witnessed today inspired me for our second blog post. Some people may not have even noticed the kind act I witnessed in a shop today, yet, it made me smile, and reflect on one of the values that we hold important at Arctic Tees. An old lady, stooped in the aisle I was walking up, not quite able to bend down to reach the item she wanted. A young guy, tattooed and pierced from top to toe, walked up to the lady in question, asked what item she wanted, and then proceeded to scoop down and grab it, whilst giving her his arm to help her up. I walked past the pair of them, who struck up a conversation, and gave him an appreciative smile.

This made me think about the importance of giving back. We decided to give 50 cents from every t-shirt we sell to charity, no matter what; even if they’re on sale. It’s so easy for a business to talk about having ethics and moral standing, and we wanted to make sure that each tee we sell makes a difference, however small it is. We also want our customers to feel good that, not only have they bought a great value, cool tee, but they’ve also helped to make a difference by buying it. That way, the karma is spread all ways when you buy an Arctic Tees t-shirt.

Keep a look out for our charity page, to know which charity we’re currently supporting. At the moment we’re supporting Devil Ark, a Tasmanian Devil charity that focuses on breeding and rehabilitation of these wonderful little critters.

Apart from buying one of our tees, there are lots of little things you can to do help.

Move any food-related litter off the road- animals often get hit when attempting to eat rubbish left lying around.

Smile at a stranger- Sure, some people may look at you like you’re demented, but you may also make someone’s day (especially if you’re an attractive girl smiling at a nerdy boy).

Call your mother- unless you live with her, otherwise that would be weird.

Bake a cake- and then donate it to a charity event. Maybe bake 2 in case you become hungry.

Donate your old t-shirts- and then buy some new ones from Arctic Tees- a double whammy of karma, coming right at you.?