A new year, new directions.

2017-04-15 15:25:01

We may just be a t-shirt company, however, we still believe that we can all make a difference, whether we’re an individual consumer, or multi-national corporation. As a small, personal business, we have always believed in the importance of ensuring that our t-shirts are sourced from manufacturers that enforce high standards. When we first started Arctic Tees, we went to Thailand, picked up a bit of the lingo, and found a small t-shirt printer that made the t-shirts as part of a family business. Yes, we probably paid about 5 times the price for each t-shirt, compared to a K-Mart tee, yet, we couldn’t live with ourselves if the workers were living in abhorrent conditions, barely making the living wage, and living a bleak existence.

We were happy with this arrangement at the time, and we still applaud our supplier for their ethics, and the way they conducted their business. Now it is time for a change though. We have decided, for many reasons, that in the near future, Arctic Tees’ t-shirts will all be made using organic t-shirts. We are also looking at vegan inks for our tees also, so we don’t have to use our animal friends in any future production.

With new t-shirts will come new designs, and a new print-on-demand feature. We’re excited about the future, venturing into new pastures, and hope you will like the new and improved Arctic Tees.