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  1. End of Time

    End of Time

    You could literally stare at this awesome t shirt for hours, and come no closer to deciphering its hidden depths. Philosophisers argue that it shows the dissolution of time into a black void, whilst the escaping birds represent freedom. We just think it's a great tee! LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  2. Squirreltopia


    Chemically enhanced, tree hugger squirrel decides he wants to take a stand against capitalist society and tears down a city, whilst stringently observing health and safety protocol by wearing a safety helmet. Buy this unique design before he tears down a city near you.  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  3. Urban Red Riding Hood

    Urban Red Riding Hood

    Red Riding Hood has migrated from enchanted forests to the sprawling urban metropolis, and taken to chasing foxes. Buy this graphic novel style tee before it sells out.  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  4. Storm Invader

    Storm Invader

    If you're a fan of Star Wars or Space Invaders and have spent a few rainy days wondering what a Storm Troopers' helmet would look like if made out of Space Invaders, then you're in luck, because this tee does the job. Bring out the nerd in you, and buy this t shirt!  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  5. Alien Globe Fishing

    Alien Globe Fishing

    Fishing is one of the Australian people's favourite pastimes. It is for these aliens too, except they're fishing for Australia. Quick, buy this t shirt before you're caught on their line!  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  6. Steampunk Cat

    Steampunk Cat

    Merging together two of the most searched for things on the web; cats and steampunk.  Add this unique cat shirt to your collection. LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  7. Evil sheep

    Evil sheep

    If you like sinister tees with psychotic sheep on them, you'll love this one... No bunnies were harmed in the production of this shirt.  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  8. Cat-a-strophic Day

    Cat-a-strophic Day

    This can be either a humorous or tragic t shirt, depending on whether you're a cat or dog fan. The mouse was just grateful the cat didn't eat him.  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  9. Teppanyaki Express

    Teppanyaki Express

    Taking self harm to a whole new level, this octopus t shirt features a sea creature with more problems than most. Primarily, how's he going to get into the pan when he has no legs?  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  10. Kissing Death

    Kissing Death

    Is the zebra's reflection a tiger, or is the tiger waiting below the water to pounce on the zebra? Either way, we think you will love this awesome tee! LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  11. Moving Blocks

    Moving Blocks

    Some people just can’t get it in the right hole, even with a crane to help. Order this tetris t shirt in blue or gray.  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  12. Beneath the Superior

    Beneath the Superior

    This awesome shirt takes a post-modern look at extinct animals on post-Mesozoic earth, featuring a dinosaur, a dodo and some birds. Dig it? Click buy! LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  13. Post Apocalyptic Bear

    Post Apocalyptic Bear

    It's the year 2336 on the moon of a distant planet where the human race migrated. This comrade is part of an uprising of fellow polar bears revolting against human tyranny. Are you with him? Support the polar bear's plight, and buy this bear tee today. LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  14. Deck Hands

    Deck Hands

    Buy this nautically inspired t shirt, featuring some of the characters from a deck of cards working hard on a ship. Except for the joker that is.  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

  15. 9th life

    9th life

    Do cats really become angels when they die? One of life's most pondered questions is answered on this darkly humorous cat t shirt.  LearnMore

    Regular Price: $11.98

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